What is our mission?

We want to help and create a better world

This is a Business plan for Allover Apps Company. Allover Apps is an online Mobile or Tablet service for all ages. This company will provide service for anyone who is looking to find new hobbies and other activities in the local area or more. The goal is to reach every person around the world. The service we offer is entertainment for people that want to meet new people and new and better hobbies. This business will create apps that will help communities stay in touch and know what is going on around them.

Allover Apps Co. will be a Sole Proprietorship but will have about 3 workers for the Advertisement team. The Advertisement team will have a set pay but will be an independent contractor. The plan is to have a professional social organization and to used integrity while advertising and talk to the public. Our social responsibility is to have everyone who represent the company to use the app professionality and respect others’ opinions but also be open minded.

The first App is Call Mark the Park App, this app is a community base service for entertainment. People locally and further away can know what’s going on at local gyms and parks. Mark the Park App will be the first app to hit Android and Apple stores. The AD team will go around to gyms and park to promote the app and get users to sign up. We will promote on most big social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram. Tik-Tok, and the main platform YouTube.

Events to come:

February 2019 until present

online promotion 

July 10th - 20th

promote King of Prussia

June 2022

3 on 3 Mark the Park

Let's start building together

Company Description
1. Service/entertainment
2. This is a service that creates apps for local or worldwide people.
3. This business will satisfy needs for parents who have children that play sports or
activities but also adults who are still active in sports or different hobbies local at your
local gyms and parks.
4. Our Strategic Advantage is to reach everyone worldwide and make is easier to
communicate with others who our next door or across the Ocean. We plan to hit the
social media channels and other outlets to bring our goal to a reality.
5. Sole Proprietorship
6. I chose this legal structure because I want to run it the way I want. An also be able to
make changes without others looking over my work. I also feel it’s more or what type of
success I want.
7. PA
8. I will base my service online but able to contact help through email or Phone number

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Our family-run business company with the goal to grow and improve outdoor activities and hobbies.